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30 puppets and two actors add up to an amazing King Lear

I’m reasonably sure that this is not a direction theater as a whole will ever move in. It will not become the Next Big Thing. But brilliant dead ends are far more inspiring than mediocre successes, and The Independent Eye company’s version of King Lear, playing at The Emerald Tablet every weekend through April, is anything but mediocre.

A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City

Benjamin Wachs' first solo collection of fiction is now available from Strange Castle Press.  Click on the cover to learn more!

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The Reviews Are In

  • "Storytelling mastermind" - Evan Karp, San Francisco Examiner
  • "Mr. Benjamin Wachs is a columnist; Wonder Dog is a puppy; Bob Dylan writes songs. In each instance, the category cannot contain the artist. They overflow like volcanic lava. Benjamin writes, humorously and often, for the S.F. Weekly, among other outlets. He writes about theatre. He writes about politics. He writes fiction. Whatever he writes, his wry voice and impeccably constructed sentences are distinguished and satisfying." - Charles Kruger, San Francisco Examiner
  • "Wachs' uproriously acid farewell to his beat ... practically defines 'going out in a blaze of glory.' Seriously, read the whole thing." - Dan McLaughlin,
  • "Now THIS is how you leave a reporting beat, people!" - Josh Trevino
  • "Wachs was a writer's writer, and for those of us who cover local politics, a constant source of information and belly laughs ... his resignation ends an almost three year streak as perhaps the first writer in history to cover local news on both coasts at once." - Melissa Griffin, San Francisco Examiner
  • "(Portuguese Artists Colony's) stories range from subtle character development and the dissection of emotions to poignant and hilarious social commentary." - Litquake blog, 2010
  • "Fiction badass" - SF Weekly